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C-Protect Air® Airbag Vest EVO | Black


New airbag, certified new riding standard.

Combining style, comfort and safety is possible!

Color: Black

Made in Softshell material, the C-Protect Air® EVO airbag vest is designed to be highly comfortable while maintaining a unique style.


To activate the C-Protect Air®, simply wear the vest properly closed over any horseback riding clothing and hook the strap of the vest onto the ring of the saddle strap, which you will have correctly positioned beforehand. In your user manual you will find all the information necessary for its assembly; and on our website, under Set-Up, you will find a detailed tutorial about the operations to be carried out.


The vest incorporates a trigger and a gas cartridge; and if the frame is ejected, this mechanism allows ultra-rapid inflation of the airbag. Lightweight, discreet and simple, C-PROTECT AIR® revolutionises individual airbag protection.


Supplied with:

• 1x Elastic Ball Strap + Carabiner

• 1x Saddle Strap

• 1x CO2 cartridge

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